Keeping Your Perfect Design Clean

When you walk into a room and experience great design, whether you realize it or not, cleanliness is a big factor. Whether you have a brand new home or are a long-time home owner, how you can clean your house is impacts how people feel in your home. I’m proud to share with you over the next few weeks some of my favorite tips for cleaning various surfaces in your house. Great design deserves cleanliness.

There’s probably nothing in our homes that gets dirtier faster than our cabinet doors. We drip coffee in the mornings when our eyes are barely opened. When the wine glass slips out of someone’s hand and crashes to the floor, it also splatters the cabinets’ doors. The bowl of soup mishandled runs down the cabinet fronts finding its way into the nooks and crannies of the panels. The grease from our careful sautéing fills the air and settles on the cabinetry. If you have white or light painted cabinets, the stains, spills, and residue are obviously noticeable. But for those of us with beautifully wood stained cabinets, the splotches and gunk that accumulates may not be as noticeable or could even go undetected for some time, but it’s there none-the-less.

So, without damaging the stain or injuring the wood, how do we remove the spills and dust and accumulated grease?

First, it’s important to only clean when necessary and to do it in a timely and careful manner. Wet on wood is never a good thing. Clean the messes quickly.

Secondly, a mild solution of Murphy Oil Soap and clean water is best. It’s a gentle cleansing agent especially created for wood.

Finally and probably as important as any tip, wipe the cabinets dry with a clean dry cloth. Keeping in mind that moisture and wood are natural enemies; make sure your surface is well dried.

Make sure to stay tuned for more tips from Susan Castor and the design team at Susan Castor Collection.