The Professional Interior Designer
  • analyzes the client's needs, goals and life and safety requirements
  • researches and integrates findings with in-depth knowledge of interior design and cutting edge research findings and resources
  • formulates interior design concepts that are functional as well as aesthetic
  • develops and presents final design recommendations for client's visual understanding
  • prepares working drawings and specifies non-load bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, space planning, furnishings, fixtures and equipment
  • collaborates with licensed practitioners who offer professional services in the technical and mechanical areas
  • determines project goals and objectives
  • designs and manages the fabrication of custom furnishings
  • monitors and manages the construction and installation of all design concepts to their successful completion
  • allocates, organizes and arranges spaces to suit their function
  • reviews and evaluates design solutions during implementation and upon completion
  • informs the consumer at the beginning of the project exactly how he/she will be billed for their services
Our associates are trained and capable of assisting you with the design of one room, or your entire room, the majority of our staff are degreed and experienced interior designers. There is no additional charge for help from our interior designers when making purchases through our showrooms. Information on consultation fees for other services is available upon request.

Remodeling and Home Design