I loved working with Castor Collection and Rhonda on our condo redo. Rhonda was wonderful and all of the things we got from her were perfect. We love everything that was done. A great experience! Thank you!!!

Jane Partlow
Port Aransas

Susan Castor and her team have proven to be indispensable in the design process for our homes. We have a long history with the firm extending over 16 years and involving three residences.

These home ranged in scope from two complete renovations to the design and construction of our current home. They also represented diverse locations including a home on the Texas Gulf Coast in Rockport, Texas, a high-rise in Houston, Texas and our current location on the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country.

Susan always helps us to focus our needs and desires and graciously leads us to a beautiful result combining her expertise and our own imaginations. Her team is always pleasant, professional, and imminently competent.

It is our pleasure to recommend Susan and her team at Castor Collection.

Jim & Carla Hebert

There are not many retailers that care about their clients after the sale. However, that is where The Castor Collection is set apart from the rest. I want to express my gratitude for your kindness and professionalism regarding our sofa. I must say that I was a bit surprised when Kathy Rumbaugh told me that you were going to correct our sad situation. I am happy to say that it is like having a new piece of furniture. I no longer have to fluff the cushions prior to receiving guests.

I have truly enjoyed working with Kathy and by your recent acts; I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Alisa Kennedy
Corpus Christi, Texas

We highly recommend Susan Castor as your designer for a new house, renovation or remake of your existing home. Before you engage an architect, please consult with Susan. We believe one of her best qualities is her ability to listen to your thoughts and concepts. She did a splendid job blending our personalities that translated into the design of our new home in Cinnamon Shore. She reviewed our plans and recommended important features that we would not have otherwise considered. She did an excellent job coordinating everything with our architect and general contractor. Susan’s collections of coastal furniture, art and decorations are simply the best in Texas. Most importantly, she worked within our budget.

Jim & Carolyn Drone
Houston and Port Aransas, Texas

Our family has worked collaboratively with The Susan Castor Collection for years. Throughout our experience, the designers have tailored their services to meet our various needs. The designers are truly a "full-service" team, and their vast talents were beyond critical in helping us accomplish building our family's dream home! In particular, Christi Farley and Lisa Mayo have been professional, pleasant to deal with, and beyond helpful in a plethora of aspects as related to the design of our home.

Christi Farley worked collaboratively with our architect and builder to draw up such items as the cabinetry elevations, helping us place the plumbing and electrical in the home, and of course, assisting us in the selection of flooring, surfaces, fixtures, lighting, plumbing, etc. Our family's design needs were complex. We have four children (two teenagers and two toddlers) all of our needs had to be considered when putting together each and every room. Christi Farley and Lisa Mayo both helped guide us to determine a "design style" for our home that was both beautiful and practical.

From the day our family moved in, we felt as though we’d been living in our house for years, and that we have never been as comfortable as we are in our current home. In every room, every piece of furniture, every aspect of the house was designed based on providing a home for our family.

Last, it’s also important to mention the amount of work Susan Castor Collection saved our family when it finally came time to move in to our new home! They assisted our family in assembling a team of competent, professional movers and “installers” so that our home was fully put together in a mere week’s time. The professional networks and resources that Susan Castor Collection has available are beyond impressive…and the foresight the designers had as related to our “move in” needs were spot on!

In conclusion, our family cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude that we feel towards Susan Castor Collection, Christi Farley, and Lisa Mayo in helping us build our family’s dream home! Our family would highly recommend Susan Castor Collection to anyone who desires to create a space that’s unique and beautiful. The quality and professional care we received throughout the entire process was invaluable. We feel lucky to continue to call the team of professionals who worked on our home “friends”….and are so thankful that we created our home with them by our side.

Port Aransas, Texas

Susan Castor is a wizard! She has an impeccable and sophisticated sense of style. Her talent and experience allow her to magically transform with apparent ease any space to suit any need, any taste, and any budget.

When we undertook the project of building our home in Goliad, we had regular meetings with Susan. We called her our “marriage counselor” because we always came away with creative solutions that pleased us both.

Susan has surrounded herself with a team of extraordinarily talented people whose professional expertise conquers any challenge with daunting skill. We enjoy the results on a daily basis. Every time we walk into our house we know this is home, and we appreciate the brilliance of our friends at Susan Castor Collection!

L. J. and Bonnie Cohen
Corpus Christi, Texas

We would never had been able to reach such happiness and success with our remodel without the guidance and support of our designer, Kathy Rumbaugh, and the Susan Castor Collection staff. All our thanks and appreciation!

Paul and Merritt Kennedy
Corpus Christi, Texas

The Susan Castor Collection team is focused on the client. We have worked with Kathy Rumbaugh since our two sons were toddlers-both are now in their teens. Throughout the changes in our household and a couple of moves, Kathy has had an eye on the end result-a comfortable and livable home well-suited to our family's evolving needs.

The pieces we have in our home are not only great quality and stand up to the energy level in our home, but are attractive. There have been starts and stops in the design of our home depending on our schedules and budget. Each project has worked perfectly with the others before it and moved us closer to our end desire.

The entire team at the Susan Castor Collection is professional and gives the extra effort. Though we no longer live in Corpus Christi, we remain loyal to Susan Castor Collection based on their talent and proven record of customer service.

Kathy, you have been great to us!!

Vilma Luna and Rico Gonzalez
Austin, Texas

Diann and I are both pleased with the results and the exceptional talents of the Susan Castor Collection and particularly, Rhonda Bosquez, in helping us to Beautify our home during our remodel of a house from the 1960’s. Attention to detail, color, arrangements were all pleasing and made the house modern. Great planning and forethought made everything practical for daily use. We could not have done this remodel ourselves. Their guidance in all aspects of the remodel still has impact today as I’ll illustrate below.

Our color scheme for the whole house flowed from the stone we picked for the countertops in our kitchen island and work areas. Floors (carpet, tile and stone), walls and cabinets all based on colors in the granite; they were used throughout the house- grays, burnt orange, dark greens – which weren’t naturally seen by the casual observer, but which enhanced the stone and created the theme throughout the house. As a geologist I was most pleased, since I loved the granite (actually metamorphic gneiss).

The originals house was a cave – dark and uninviting. Now we have great lighting (and superb placement) throughout the house, including light tunnels that light up the darkest areas without power. Light placement is an important element that we appreciate everyday. Standing next to a cabinet or bureau, or work space the lighting is always in the appropriate place. We have numerous shelves, a library, and an art gallery. When the need arises to illuminate these, the lighting is there.

Cabinets were well planned, so that doors did not interfere with each other. Beautiful and unique door hardware makes them not only practical, but elegant.

The Susan Castor Collection helped us find excellent craftsmen and artisans who were proud of their work and generally easy to work with. This is always important in the remodel, since you are practically living with them for a great deal of time. Our dreams for the house were realized, and Rhonda Bosquez was instrumental in helping shape much of that vision.

Frank and Diann Cornish
Corpus Christi, Texas

I first worked with Susan Castor Collection on a design project for my orthodontic office. They created an amazing space for my patients and several years later, we still receive comments about the warm, friendly atmosphere of our office space. I was so pleased with the outcome of my office that I commissioned Susan Castor Collection to design the interior of my home. The end result was amazing! They created a beautiful, relaxing home for me to enjoy with friends and family. It’s my own personal resort…there is no reason to ever leave!

Happy Client
Corpus Christi, Texas

Rhonda Bosquez has helped me in so many ways over the past 14 years in designing my den, house lighting, rugs, two bathrooms, laundry room, and most recently my kitchen. She has been able to take my simple and traditional taste and still find a way to make a unique and elegant room. Because of her knowledge, I have features in my home I would not think to include. I am sure I have bypassed many expensive errors by using Rhonda’s foresight in planning, detail in design and execution of projects.

Dan and Debbie Shea
Corpus Christi, Texas

Susan Castor has helped me with design decisions for over 20 years. She is always considerate, creative and a pleasure to work with. Both my husband and I have been completely thrilled with her services, and with our home as a result of her talent.

Patty Nuss
Corpus Christi, Texas

Susan Castor has been decorating our home since 1976. We are pleased with everything she has done. She has been involved with major and minor projects. Thanks Susan.

Eddie Mange
Corpus Christi, Texas

Susan Castor, beyond having the highest professional standards, brings the working relationship of a friend. We always look forward to working with her and benefiting from her outstanding guidance.

John and Judy Creveling
Corpus Christi, Texas

We have enjoyed the creative talents of the Susan Castor Collection for 25 years. They have created beautiful home environments for us and our family. They helped create a beautiful, unique office for us also. These stellar ladies of the Susan Castor Collection always considers our budget, our ideas, and the existing furniture pieces we want to keep. They add new pieces, new fabrics and accessories, and work their magic to make our homes comfortable and special. We thank you all again and again!!!

Paul and Susan Kennedy
Corpus Christi, Texas

"This wonderful island has been an important part of our lives, so when we decided to build a home, we came to our friend, Susan Castor, to help us furnish and decorate.

Susan gave us two gifts; Chrisiti Farley and Lisa Mayo. Their vision and talent and professionalism is exceptional and delightful. Our TEAM! We greatly admire and deeply appreciate their dedication and consider them great friends.

We wish them God's best in all things."

Dan and Sallee Craine
Port Aransas, Texas

"The Castor Collection is a treasure in Port Aransas. Christi Farley and Lisa Mayo work as a great team and combine their strengths to ensure low stress during remodeling and complete customer satisfaction. It is refreshing and priceless to have world class designers on a small island, especially when commuting weekly or living remotely. They pay attention to details and treat your home as if it were their own. Christi and Lisa's experience level and resources allowed for a turn key remodeling project at my outdated and weathered 1980s beach cottage. The remodeling did not consume my life because they provided me with expert guidance on design, decorating, budget, planning, and shopping.

The end result was the perfect blend of classy and relaxed beach style, with just the right edge. Most importantly, they understood that it was important not to lose the original roots, reminiscent of a time when Port Aransas' unique and intriguing history was developing and families often built their own cottages when they settled onto the island. As a result, my cottage was selected for the Port Aransas Garden Home Tour 2009 where we were able to show others how a weathered and outdated cottage can be transformed into a lifelong retreat."

Tracy Davis
Austin, Texas

"I typically don't understand people shopping while on vacation. But, when you can get such high quality items as carried by Susan Castor for a reasonable price, then it makes sense."

Penny D. Green
Austin, Texas

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